Income Report

Dear Shareholder,

Unidas’ current book-entry shares custody agent is Banco Itaú which is also responsible for sending the income reports to our shareholders. However, shareholders can recquire a second copy of their income report through the internet or getting in touch with Itaú’s attendance service channel:

  • Access to the digital correspondence portal by the following link:
  • Itaú account holders: they can check it through the website, at the following path: Checking Account> Income Tax Statement> Shareholders’ Income Report.
  • Itaú non account holders:  you can check your information with total security through the broker, Itaú Corretora. Just go to the website, and select the tab  “Non-account-holder” > “I want to register” and follow the step-by-step instructions. After the login, password and register generation, the report will be available at “Wallet”> “Shares Bookkeeping” > “Income Report”.
  • Shareholders with doubts can call at 3003 9285 (capitals and metropolitan regions) or 0800 720 9285 (other locations), from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on business days.
  • In person at any Itaú branch commercial agency.


For further questions, please contact our Investor Relations department through the link