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Integrity Program


We live in an era of constant changes and transformations in our businesses, from the implementation of innovations to the development of new services, thus reaching new segments and winning new clients. As a result, everything changes, but what cannot change is our ethical culture and non-negotiable respect for our values and principles.

Now with the consolidation of Ouro Verde and Unidas, a new history begins, but we want to keep developing our business and feel proud of building an increasingly ethical and sustainable society.

Therefore, our commitment to ethical values is – and will continue to be – the basis for everything we do, and to help us on this journey, based on the integration of two already existing programs that are now unified and improved, a new and unique Integrity Program is born, following the anti-corruption law, with a Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct and other rules to clearly define the Unidas way of doing things with integrity and transparency, in addition to countering and repudiating corruption.

The current Integrity Program consists of: (a) a Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct*; (b) an Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy*; (c) a Non-Retaliation and Consequence Management Policy*; (d) a Supplier Code of Ethics and Conduct*; and (e) a Whistleblowing Channel*, in addition to other Policies and Rules disclosed internally.

Whistleblowing Channel

At Unidas, we value adequate practices and transparency in all our relationships, in compliance with our Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct and all applicable laws, rules, policies and regulations.

Our Whistleblowing Channel is managed by an independent, third-party company. Reports can be made anonymously and will be handled with confidentiality, being analyzed by Brookfield’s Internal Corporate Audit department, ensuring the integrity of reports.

The Whistleblowing Channel can be contacted as follows: