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Commitment to the ESG agenda is a fundamental principle for
Ouro Verde and an integral part of our strategy.

We respect the environment and the communities surrounding our
operations. All our initiatives are guided in accordance to ethical and
compliance principles and we constantly monitor the impact of these
actions on the Company’s reputation and society as a whole. Our
ESG Journey establishes solid commitments in 7 strategic pillars:
People, Finance, Governance, Customer Experience, Cyber
Security, Efficiency, and Corporate Culture.


The ISO 14001 certification is the starting point for our
environmental actions. We comply with the highest standards of
quality and environmental responsibility, considering all topics
related to our operations.


Learn About our Environmental Policy

Goals and Ambitions:

10% By 2026

Fleet index (light and heavy) powered by clean energy.

100% By 2025

Reuse of all waste generated by the Company, resulting in
environmental, social and economic benefits.

100% By 2024

Eliminate all negative environmental impacts caused by the

100% By 2026

Offer mechanisms to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) emissions,
resulting in long-term financial, operational and sustainable benefits.

40% By 2026

Reuse index for waste generated by operating suppliers (used tires and scrap metal), resulting in environmental, social and economic benefits.


We seek to positively impact the communities surrounding our operations through social actions, such as investing in the personal and professional training of young people and educating and engaging our employees in volunteer initiatives.


Initiatives that transform lives and the entire community.


Our commitments

1 Stimulate a corporate culture of inclusion among our employees and outsourced workforce, contributing to the creation of opportunities and reducing inequalities.
2 Promote Corporate Citizenship and Private Social Investment actions, engaging our employees in projects that bring social impacts to the communities surrounding the Company and the greater Curitiba metropolitan area.
3 Take on a leading role in initiatives that impact local development by investing in the personal and professional training of young people in areas surrounding the Company's operations.

Goals and Ambitions:

25% By 2026

Ratio of women in the Company’s operational framework.

37% By 2026

Ratio of women in leadership positions at the Company.

19% of employees aged 50+ By 2026  our 5.1% of employees as PWDs By 2026

Expand the number of employees with disabilities and aged 50+ in our workforce.

Rank among the 50 best companies to work for (GPTW) by 2025.

Establish an ethical, honorable, and sustainable reputation with our employees, outsourced workforce, suppliers, and clients.


We developed an INTEGRITY PROGRAM consisting of a set of mechanisms and internal audit procedures and incentives to report irregularities and to apply effective code of ethics and conduct, policies and guidelines:

  • Ouro Verde Whistleblower Channel;
  • Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct;
  • Consequence Management and Non-Retaliation Policy;
  • Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy;
  • Code of Ethical Conduct for Suppliers.

Ouro Verde was granted the Pro-Ethics seal from the Federal Comptroller General Office (CGU).
This initiative is aimed at assessing and giving publicity to companies that voluntarily engage in developing an environment of integrity and trust in commercial relationships, including relationships with the public sector.


Establish a culture of integrity and ethics across the Company and its value chain.

Goals and Ambitions:

100% By 2026

Full consolidation of the integrity and ethics principals among employees.

50% By 2026

Mapping of 100% of the Company's corporate and operating risks and their respective control and management mechanisms.

50% By 2026

Index for implementing integrity and ethics control mechanisms as soon as supplier contracts are signed and during the contract’s term.